Secangkirkopi is founded in March 30th, 2005 by Adi W. Taroepratjeka, a graduate of Food Production department Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bandung, and Mia Laksmi Handayani, a graduate of Industrial Engineering department Institut Teknologi Nasional

Adi is one out of 42 Indonesia's Coffee Quality Institute's licensed Q-Grader, and one out of two Q-Grader trainer aprentice here in South East Asia, while Mia is an Indonesia's Coffee and Cacao Research Institute's coffee taster course graduate.

Before Secangkirkopi, Adi have been working as a private F&B consultant for 5 years. In Secangkirkopi, Adi's expertise as a chef, and love on food and coffee is paired with Mia's love of studying human behavior and planning skills. Adi's past background, studying architecture for a couple of year after high school before deciding to change his life and becoming a chef, giving Secangkirkopi a slight edge in communicating with architects or building contractors.

So far Secangkirkopi have been training more than 35 Barista throughout the years, with more than 800 training hour been given